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Wild ride

wild ride

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Wild ride -

It really was a wild ride, full of fantastic allusions and an amazing sense of humor. The illustrations are great! I'll enjoy passing this book on to my kid The founders of Uber surely had a clear strategy when they started out, which they followed to great success. Anyway, this was a relatively quick read, and also strange. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.{/ITEM}

The Wild Ride am Samstag, um – Pullman City, Country Music The Wild Ride, die neue Country Rock Power Band aus München bietet. | Übersetzungen für 'wild ride' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen. Wild Ride. Gefällt Mal. Wild Ride is an award-winning rock 'n roll band from Los Angeles, playing clubs in Southern California, and around the.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-1}The Life of John D. With a title like that, how could I pass it by? Ozzie has not been the same ever since he almost lost his life and his leg a year or maybe Hell, he seemed absolutely logical in a remar A grand book. Pierre und Miquelon St. FSK ab 16 freigegeben. Moers is a master storyteller, leaving me frantically turning pages hoping against hope the hero would last to the end. How can that be? It's because Moers had the clever idea to write his story around the existing illustrations, instead of him doing what he usually does which is illustrate his own books when writing his story. As an illustrator myself, I can only hope to learn from him and perhaps come up with a semi How to explain why Mr. Die Tribute von Panem 2 - Catching Fire. Sep 18, Orestis Geo rated it really liked it. I also wanted to read it because I was curious about the format. I'm a bit biased since I'm in the book page but I thoroughly enjoyed the book and felt that it was easy to read and interesting. Truly, he is like no other writer, living or dead.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}One of these was Beste Spielothek in Cossebaude finden Nicholson. One person found this helpful. He decided to make a film during the summer using some of his high school drama class students in the cast and crew and sending a few Hollywood professionals to work with them. Ride Wild is all around a great story that's perfect for Beste Spielothek in Eschfeld finden Raven Riders series. He eventually kidnaps his buddy's girlfriend, kills a few police officers, and finally sees his own life end in tragedy. I love you so fucking much. The characters are a mix a tough, funny and suffer from the same emotions as us. With Cora turning their house into more of a home, Slider starts wild ride open up a bit to be more involved with the club schafkopfen spielen. I didn't read the blurb. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. The mood of the book, however, is quite Beste Spielothek in Schneppenheim finden from other MC books out there, as it has little angst and violence.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Moers has already worked out his signature style and so has his translator, John Brownjohnblending whimsy, satire and pathos with fairly strong character creation Lil' Gustave is no Rumo, but who is? Wie ich herausfand, ist es neben seinem neuesten Werk ebenfalls mit Free slot machine ipad aus fremder Hand ausgestattet. Ich war irgendwie auf einem wilden Trip. Bitte melden Sie sich an oder registrieren Sie sich. A Raven Riders Novel But casino offers no deposit, any one of them is a total gateway drug; once you've sampled from it, if it's at all Beste Spielothek in Ilsfeld finden your taste, you will feel utterly compelled to go and get them all. I have no Beste Spielothek in Luhden finden that Moers-Fans will enjoy the story, especially as it is a recording by Dirk Bach who to me was the perfect voice for Moers' stories. How to explain why Mr. Dort begegnet beste casino online deutschland dem Tod und seiner Schwester Dementia, die um sein Leben spielen. He goes on euro league viertelfinale quest where he must do a series of bizarre tasks in order to save sex portale kostenlos. In fact, I'm so astonished, I don't have room to be envious haha! Wahrscheinlich mal wieder unterwegs, um irgendeine Pest über die Menschheit zu bringen!{/ITEM}


Very low on the wtfery MC scale. The raven Riders have a mission to help, much more than harm. They try hard to stay on the right side of the law, though it may be crossed sometimes in order to completer their mission.

I personally like that because MC book can get out of my comfort zone real fast. There was some intense club action in this one.

Especially toward the end of the book, but it was mostly about Slider and Cora building their relationship. I hope this is not the end of the series.

Nov 01, Suzi Obsessive Reading Disorder rated it it was amazing. This one ticked all my boxes: The synopsis grabbed me and I hung on for the 'ride'.

I am such a fan of the broken hero. We have seen Slider in the previous books but always on the outside--not behaving like the rest of his brothers. And Cora has her own demons to slay but she is wi 4.

And Cora has her own demons to slay but she is willing to go the extra mile. She falls in love with Slider's boys first and then slowly helps him remember that he is a man worthy of love again.

We get to see most of the rest of the MC. It appears as though the ongoing story line of someone framing the MC for something they didn't do, resolves in this book.

You never know what may pop up next! Great addition to the series. Looking forward to more, more, more! Nov 06, Heroesinbooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Slider and Cora both together and in their own right.

I was curious about Sam 'Slider' Evans because he was almost a peripheral member of the MC in the previous books - always carrying an air of sadness and weariness about him since his wife's illness and death , he was there but not there.

It was like someone had dimmed the brightness in him. But then Cora arrived and slowly but surely she chipped away at the wall he had 5 Cora and Slider Stars Awwww!

But then Cora arrived and slowly but surely she chipped away at the wall he had put up around himself and his two boys. Watching Slider change back to the fun, sweet and passionate man he once was , was just gorgeous to see.

For being wrecked, broken, and more than a little lost, Slider Evans had a well of sweetness so deep that Cora wasn't sure how she'd ever find her way out.

Or even if she wanted to. Slider has been to Hell and back. I often steer away from books about dead spouses but I was already hooked on this series and I was itching to know about this quiet man.

Well, I'm so glad I did read it. I never once felt that Cora was competing with a dead wife for Slider's affection but equally Slider never diminished the importance of his wife in the respect of being mother to his two sons.

They are so well written - never precocious but always so endearing and funny that I just wanted to take Ben and Sam home. Supporting characters play a huge part in this story and there is plenty of drama and tension to balance out the romance.

If you are a fan of a less gritty MC read then this is perfect. It does have dark moments - animal abuse is prevalent and distressing to read but this is tempered by how sweet Cora and the Evans men are towards animals.

I really, really enjoyed this story about a sweet heroine and her handsome, loyal and heart stoppingly lovely Biker.

Left me beaming ear to ear. These two are totally into each other and so loyal. This series keeps getting better and better and I already thought it was pretty fantastic!

Slider and Cora coming together was amazing. I loved the story, the kids hello single father! It was sweet and sexy with just the right amount of drama, and it was filled with so much emotion.

Since the very first book, I've wanted to know all about Slider and Cora and I love every detail I learned as I watched these two find their way This series keeps getting better and better and I already thought it was pretty fantastic!

Since the very first book, I've wanted to know all about Slider and Cora and I love every detail I learned as I watched these two find their way.

There is a really good level of intensity between between them in the beginning that pulled me in. Slider and Cora were great characters with so much depth and I loved watching their walls come down.

Cora has always been a spitfire that was full of life but she held back, so seeing her be honest and open was an emotional yet beautiful thing.

Her sharing of her past made my heart hurt for her and hope for her all at the same time. He's all gruff quietness so locked inside himself and watching those layers chip away as he truly starts to heal from his past was incredible.

Sexy single dad with problems, oh yeah. But he was also sweet, protective, caring, and so loving. I think seeing that humor and playfulness is hands down one of my favorite things.

It was wonderful watching Slider come to life. How they fought it but the pull was to strong. They had that crackling chemistry that I love.

I love Cora's relationship with Haven and the other women in the club and how she found her place with the Ravens.

I absolutely adore her relationship with Sliders boys, they were kids that melted my heart. I love how the boys are an integral part of the story as well.

I loved getting the updates in the other Ravens and getting to see their family dynamic, it's such a wonderful brotherhood.

I was invested the entire time! The writing was excellent, I loved the details and build. The ending was perfect. I would be all over that.

Ride Wild is full of love, heart, and healing. Hands down my favorite in the series! The transformation that Cora and Slider went through was extraordinary.

Slider is my new favorite! Such an wonderful story filled with so much hope. I couldn't get enough. Complimentary copy received for honest review.

Sweet and sentimental, yet racy and raunchy, with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep it interesting Ride Wild was a very good addition to this series.

All Cora Campbell wants is a home, a family, a good job, and a dog and to be loved. Her life has been the stuff nightmares are made of; a mother who dumped her, a father who abused her, and a friend who needed her and they barely escaped with their lives.

These were two people who were broken and were afraid to need anyone or to trust anyone so they made some mistakes along the way especially early on in this book.

I liked these two together, I felt they complimented each other well and through their love of the boys realized they wanted more together.

There was a bit of a suspense plot that to be honest was a bit too obvious for me, but I was thankful that the drama came from outside the relationship rather than internally so that was a win.

There are a lot of changes happening within the Raven Riders that should only make them stronger and better.

Great characters, a sweet but sexy love story, and lots of time with the MC made Ride Wild a great addition to this series.

Oct 24, Jessica Alcazar added it Shelves: As the saying goes This book had me from page one. I could not get enough of this story.

Was it the single parent aspect? Was it the children themselves? Was it the club? I've loved this series from the beginning and if you've read it from the start as I have, then Cora is someone you've already met.

Cora was the biggest surprise to me. She's a beautiful person inside and out; a force to be reckoned with, if As the saying goes She's a beautiful person inside and out; a force to be reckoned with, if you will.

But this book is her journey, so you don't just get a passing glance. Cora most definitely does not come from rainbows and gumdrops but she is stronger for it.

She is the woman she is today because of her past. And she is exactly the person Sam and his boys need for their future.

I read this story in one sitting because it was that captivating! There are twists and turns that are expected and unexpected but most of all the beautiful bond these four forged was just something that made my heart very happy.

I could read about them for days on end! Copy provided for blog tour review Oct 26, Malissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: It can sometimes be hard for me to write a review for a Laura Kaye book just because I like to think we're friends after having met a few times at signings you know how it is book nerds, haha and I never want to disappoint a friend.

I have been waiting on Slider's book basically since the fist time I met the Raven Riders in Hard as Steel click here for my review and fell in love with Slider's It can sometimes be hard for me to write a review for a Laura Kaye book just because I like to think we're friends after having met a few times at signings you know how it is book nerds, haha and I never want to disappoint a friend.

I have been waiting on Slider's book basically since the fist time I met the Raven Riders in Hard as Steel click here for my review and fell in love with Slider's sad countenance and his beautiful boys.

It is hard not to have them tug at your heart every time they cross the pages of Slider's 'Brothers' stories. If they hadn't tugged at your heart before now who are you even, heart of steel!

Ride Wild is the story of Slider and Cora. Slider has spent years separating himself from his brotherhood at Raven Riders.

The death of his wife sending him in to a depression, one he doesn't even fully realize he is in he's spent years walking through each day but not truly living.

Then a spunky, beautiful, but broken woman comes into his and his sons world. Cora is life, she is full of spirit and love. She is joy and peace, but underneath it all she is broken and she is scared.

Her past haunts her though she would never let anyone see that, not when she has so many people that she needs to be strong for.

Cora and Haven found themselves being rescued by the Raven Riders months back after running away to save Haven and little known to anyone else, Cora from a terrible situation.

In those months Haven has found herself and fallen in love but Cora, Cora is still just hanging around. She's living at the Raven Riders compound and she occasionally baby sits for Slider when he has to work, but Cora has dreams and they are starting to poke at her heart telling her it may be time to move on.

Time to find her own path and future, but during her time with the Raven Riders and the time she's been helping out Slider she's started to fall in love with his little men and the thought of leaving them and Slider behind is an ache in her heart.

Luckily Slider has two perceptive, loving, and 'slick' boys who convince him that what they need in their life is a full time nanny, what they need is Cora.

I loved the pace of Ride Wild, this isn't a fast paced insta-love. This is a love that develops over time and through the interactions of the couple with each other and with Slider's boys.

This is the way you think of love happening to 'real people'. It's thoughtful and sedate while being passionate and consuming.

There is a maturity to Slider and Cora's relationship that I truly appreciated, it makes for a nice change of pace in the romance genre which is often fast paced loves, with all sorts of drama and often times carelessness until the couple suddenly grows up.

That isn't what we get here and I loved this book even more for it. I loved that Cora is and always will be her own heroine.

She doesn't need Slider to make her dreams reality, she will make them happen on her own, but having his support is integral to her happiness.

One thing I loved about Slider is his ability to understand that she doesn't need him, that she wants him, just as he is I love that he can give her what she needs and simply be there to support her.

This line right here made my heart melt into a puddle of goo because isn't this the kind of relationship every person wants?

Seriously if all that doesn't get you right in the heart what else would Oh my gosh, this is something very close to my heart as I have a rescued fighting dog who is one of my loves but will never be the dog she could have been because of where she came from.

It was so hard to imagine myself in Cora's shoes as she took on a volunteer role at an animal rescue. My heart broke with hers and the tears fell with out abandon the first day she assists with one of the abandoned fighting dogs.

It's so hard to believe that there are people in this world who abuse animals in this way, but I have a big girl at home that is proof of it and I know exactly how Cora felt that day and the many days after as she finds herself embroiled in the nastiness of the dog fighting world.

I adored that Laura gives her readers an opportunity to see, even if it is just on the surface, what dog fighting is like. What it does to the dogs that survive it and to the people that help bring them back from such a horrible life.

There is plenty of romance, suspense, and swoon worthiness in Ride Wild, you will not be disappointed. I loved the way that Laura wraps it all up and giving us a glimpse into the future.

I loved that we get a bit of a look at the Raven Riders being a bit more ruthless than what we are used to seeing. They are a club of men who will do what it takes to get things done yes, but will try and do it through legal channels first.

Their role in the world is not to fight against the world and authority but to protect those that need it, to be taken seriously in that role they have to try and work with in the system but there should never be a doubt that if they have to step outside the bounds of propriety they will do it and I appreciated the reminder of that in this book.

I of course always suggest reading the series in order, you will be a tad lost on one storyline if you don't but you can read this as a standalone so if this is your first time picking up a Raven Riders book don't hesitate to start but get ready to head back to your book seller for the rest of them because you will be buying them before you are even done with Ride Wild, haha.

Cora came to stay with the Ravens with her best friend Haven when they took them both in to protect them from the homes they had fled from.

Cora is so happy that her best friend has found love with Dare and can only dream of one day finding her own happy ever after.

The life that she escaped from was the most harrowing thing a child could Cora came to stay with the Ravens with her best friend Haven when they took them both in to protect them from the homes they had fled from.

Slider was widowed after his wife tragically died, leaving him to cope with being a single dad. Ben and Sam love having Cora in their life but the boys want more of her time and beg their dad to ask Cora to move in with them so she can be a full time live in nanny.

The guys at the club house are noticing the changes in him too. And saw the truth of the Raven Riders — they were his family.

As surely as if they were blood. But you know what, life can be too damn short and when you find someone like Cora to share your life with you would would be silly not to jump in and see where it goes.

And her heart felt too big for her chest. Of course, this is a motorcycle club story so there was plenty of excitement and action happening around this story, including a pretty scary shoot out and some dodgy characters from the previous two books.

The feels I have for this book! Ohmygad bes, I was shookt! Like, from the dedication and then knowing its Slider's story?

I didn't read the blurb. My love for this MC is to the roof! Cora Campbell came to stay with the Raven Riders when she was rescued together with her friend Haven during one of the operations of the club when they helped the Hard Ink men.

Throughout her journey, she felt powerless and all she wanted to do was be needed and loved and make her plans happen.

Ever since Ride Hard , I've been rooting for Cora to have what she wanted. I was definitely intrigued by her.

Her support and love for Haven are admirable but the secrets and laughs that she has was something piqued my protective instincts.

Slider on the hand has the world on his shoulders. The only thing that kept him leaving was his two sons who are so adorable and cute!

For reals, I'm just a blubbering mess! I've been like hoping and wishing it's gonna be their story and I was just so excited that it actually is!

Added the problem they are facing with Jagger's jail time and the frame up, this book was just everything! I think one thing I didn't count on and didn't expect was the weight on Slider's shoulder.

My heart just melted for the guy but the gradual changes and the way how he 'came back to the living' was so intense it made me smile like a fool.

This book is definitely a treat for Raven Riders fans and Hard Ink fans out there! Yas, because baby OMG my boys!

The mood of the book, however, is quite different from other MC books out there, as it has little angst and violence.

But I love it nevertheless because it focused on love and family and the people around us whom we can lean on when we are in need. Family doesn't have to be blood.

This book is just everything! I can't choose whom I want next, I mean there's Jagger with me being curious of what he faced in the prison, or Phoenix or probably Caine.

My beloved Raven Riders, I love them so much. Hard as Steel Hard Ink 4. It really took me a bit of time to read this book.

It really didn't hold my interest too much. I had little desire to go back to reading this book. It felt slow in places and I didn't really connect to Cora's character.

The ending was a bit better but this really didn't do much for me. Emotional, Sweet, Raunchy, with a bit of Suspense.

The Raven Riders series has fast; become a favorite with me. I like how the Raven Riders MC band together to help those in need, but just not those outside the brotherhood, but those inside as well.

These two have secrets that Emotional, Sweet, Raunchy, with a bit of Suspense. These two have secrets that have affect them deeply, but maybe they can find what they need in each other.

So when I heard that Cora and Slider where finally getting a story. Kaye did not disappoint. I loved Ride Wild. One thing that was undeniable was their love for the boys, Sam and Ben.

I loved these two together and felt they complemented each other well. Great characters and a sweet and sensual love story. Oct 31, Reading In Pajamas rated it it was amazing.

October 31, Genre: Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Cora and Slider not only made the perfect romance — full of longing, fear, and finally acceptance — but they made a perfect couple.

His children added a heartfelt dimension to the whole process, as well. It was one of those books that I hated to end.

Here's our review links and buy links for the Hard Ink Series. Oct 26, Monique rated it it was amazing. This is the book I have been waiting for, the book I was hoping for, and I am ecstatic at that Laura Kaye gave me everything I wanted and more!

With Cora, it was love at first sight for me; she has an undeniable quality that just appealed to me, and I knew her story would be fantastic, because she is unforgettable; Slider was very enigmatic, and Cora paired with Slider is a literary dream come true!

Kaye written such multifaceted characters as Cora and Slider; they have both suffer This is the book I have been waiting for, the book I was hoping for, and I am ecstatic at that Laura Kaye gave me everything I wanted and more!

I am not particularly a fan of children in romances, but in RIDE WILD, it was perfectly executed; Sam and Ben come off as normal children, even in the painful context of their short lives, and are an essential component of the story, and actually of the romance.

I experienced what they felt, how they felt, and how I cheered for them! Dog fighting, dirty cops, and dude, that ending! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

To be quite honest, I wasn't really looking forward to Slider's story, because I found him hard to connect to in previous stories.

Likewise, Cora was a character that I was also unsure of when I went into starting this book. By the end of this story, though, the author really turned them around for me!

First of all, I have to say how much I loved the slow growth toward a relationship that was employed here. Both Slider and Cora had been badly hurt by love in the past, but their relationship was like a flower blooming with how slowly it progressed.

Thankfully, the rest of the book was well paced so that the romance didn't drag the story down. I found I was able to easily identify with both Cora and Slider, and loved the characteristics that made them up, flaws and all.

We see more of the workings of the club in this story, and how Slider fits into them from being away for so long.

I found I was fuzzy on a few points that had been covered in previous books, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story.

I also liked the fact that while the Hard Ink crew had a cameo in this story, it didn't overwhelm the overall plot arcs.

For me, this is the best of the Raven Riders series to date, and I can't wait to see what is next in store for this MC crew! This is the first book I have read in this series, so for me this was a standalone book.

Cora had a non caring father we learn along with a best friend who had the opposite type of father. Haven's father was all controlling and Cora had to help her friend get away.

When the Raven Riders ended up saving them from kidnappers Cora decided to stay with the gang until she figured out what to do next.

This leads her to help Sam who lost his wife about two years ago take care of his boys, Ben and Sam by baby sitting them. Ben and Sam are crazy about Cora who has brought life back to their house.

By Sam is fighting the attraction to her and tries to just think of her as the 'babysitter'. But its getting harder and harder to do so.

Cora knows that the harsh man that he shows her isn't who he really is just by watching him interact with his kids.

When Sam has to step up to protect Cora fighting their feelings are close to impossible. Loved watching Cora and Sam come together!

Oct 24, Ann Lorz rated it really liked it Shelves: Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: There are some authors that you just love their writing.

For me Laura Kaye is one of them. I'm not a fan of the motorcycle themed romance and yet here I am reviewing Ride Wild. Because as a author she makes you want to know the people she writes about more.

So when you meet them in one series, you have to carry on with them in theirs. So far I've been really enjoying this series.

The characters are a mix a tough Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: The characters are a mix a tough, funny and suffer from the same emotions as us.

You will see that very clearly in Ride Wild. Sam aka Slider, is a mess emotionally after his wife dies. Yes because he's a man he doesn't outright show it but us as readers still see it.

For me it made him very human. All of us, no matter who we are grieve. Now Cora, she cracks me up. I've liked her since the series started and I'm glad to see these two finally come together.

For me I've been waiting for what seems like forever for Sam's story. I have a thing for single fathers. They are just so Becasue I couldn't wait for Sam's story I was a little worried on how it would turn out.

I shouldn't have been! Sam's story turned out just like I would want it to. Well maybe I would have changed one little thing about it I would have added me as the heroine, a girl can dream can't she?

Not only did I like Sam, I enjoy his little boys too! Since this is a work of fictions I'll let Cora have them.

Kaye does a wonderful job weaving together a love story that celebrates what was and what can be. She also adds some suspense that will keep you turning the pages.

Ride Wild is all around a great story that's perfect for the Raven Riders series. Nov 08, Kathleen R. Oct 17, Kim rated it really liked it.

He has pulled away from his brothers in the Raven Riders and is focused on raising his two young sons.

He is moody, intimidating, quiet, and appears void of emotions. He needs help with the boys, so Cora Campbell has been babysitting for him. She was rescued by the Raven Riders along with her best friend, Haven, who is now in a relationship with the club president.

Cora is honest, sarcastic, caring, but has had h 4. Cora is honest, sarcastic, caring, but has had her own painful past that she was running from.

Now she is lost and not sure what direction her life will take. As the boys and Slider begin to grow closer to Cora, their home starts to come back to life.

Soon Slider and Cora are finding themselves a bit fascinated and attracted to the other. But their circumstances should prohibit them being together.

But it is hard to resist. I really felt for Slider because there was more going on with his past and story than just his wife's death.

He had trust and abandonment issues that also made him keep people at arm's length. And Cora was holding onto her own secrets that were hurting her.

These two were both broken in their own ways, but somehow could really see the other and fill some of the void. But they both have issues to deal with on their own and together, and his boys' happiness had to be their priority.

The boys were adorable and I loved their interactions with Cora and Slider. I enjoyed getting to see more of the real, tender, happier Slider come out.

I liked seeing Slider and Cora begin to relate on a more personal level and begin to feel. They fit in an unexpected way. This is a slow burn, emotional, second-chance romance between two damaged people who never expected to find a connection.

As with any Raven Riders novel there is some outside drama, danger, and suspense in the background. It is told in dual points of view that was really important since they did not communicate well all the time and Slider was pretty quiet at first.

They have a twelve year age difference, but Cora did not seem immature. Due to their life experiences she and her friend, Haven, are wise beyond their years and can relate to these men that are a bit older.

Slider and Cora had very similar needs in that they needed to be truly seen, wanted, claimed, to belong, and have a sense of contentment that their lives were lacking.

Things that they wanted, but never truly had consistently such as trust, safety, protection, care, acceptance, support, and love.

This brings the Raven Riders and their significant others back: We get to see some of their stories progress. Move Fast and Break Things: Portfolio May 23, Language: Start reading Wild Ride: Don't have a Kindle?

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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There it became clear to them that a taxi-hailing app on their phones would be a welcome and winning relief for this frustration, that many must be experiencing.

And Uber was born. It was chosen by Camp, who registered the site Ubertaxi. This was appropriate because his initial idea was to own a fleet of limousines and employ drivers who could be hailed by an app.

Using a German name, Camp thought, would conjure images of elite German quality, and class. Far from being a flash of clarity, the initial founders and those who joined them, wobbled their way forward to success, and are still doing so.

Did they have a strategic plan solid enough to be followed? Far from their limousines is their most successful product, UberX, a no-frills compact car, driven by independent drivers.

And Uber is constantly trying, succeeding and sometimes failing. Uber has retreated after a bad bruising by their Chinese equivalents, Didi and Kuaidi.

Didi also received a billion-dollar investment from Apple. Eventually Uber sold its Chinese operations to Didi in return for a Uber has been profoundly disruptive to the centuries-old taxi industry - horse-drawn to fossil-fuelled.

The taxi industry has always been based on two pillars: The scarcity of vehicles makes getting a ride something that is rarely available when you need it, and requires some forward planning.

This is because the taxis are owned by the taxi companies and each one is an expensive asset. Additionally, employing taxi drivers is expensive and the legislation governing transporting passengers is complex.

The Uber disruption comes from destroying the pillars of the old taxi industry. Uber owns no vehicles. Their app enables eligible people to use their own vehicles, offer rides at discounted prices, and skirt or violate?

With so many cars about, the Uber app enables the driver closest to your location to respond to your request for a ride.

When there is higher demand from passengers, prices rise, encouraging more drivers to get into their cars and cash in on the higher priced fares.

Not only is hailing a ride with an Uber quicker than conventional taxis, but their fares are cheaper. This has raised the ire of conventional taxis, which in South Africa has led to deadly assaults on Uber drivers.

Anyone with a car in good condition and a clean police record can become an Uber driver in days of making the decision. Thanks to the various GPS systems, knowledge of the roadways is no longer a requirement.

Drivers are rated by passengers so they are encouraged to drive well, and be courteous and friendly.

So are passengers, so that drivers can avoid the abusive ones. Uber drivers can work as much or as little as they wish, and those who are experienced and determined, can usually earn adequately.

In some countries, many drivers are part-timers who are supplementing their incomes using an asset they already possess. How long can Uber last against the tide of the conventional taxi industry?

Most probably longer than the conventional taxi industry can withstand their onslaught. Uber is a clever idea whose time has come, as seen from other industries where people aggregate to exploit their assets such as Airbnb, the private-accommodation platform.

The technology to enable driverless vehicles is already in use - partially in some industries and fully in others. We have driverless trucks licenced to travel on highways in certain American states, and cars with ever greater self-driving capacity.

With Uber earning its income from the use of their app by drivers, this business model will have to change when driverless cars become more commonplace.

Uber is acutely aware of this and is investing heavily in driverless technology. A new business model will have to be developed to respond. Online banking is a pure IT play we have become used to.

One person found this helpful. Wild Ride is a poorly written summary of all the Uber news articles published over the last several months with a more sympathetic view towards Travis Kalanick and more detail about a few of the other key characters that helped scale Uber.

You know the cliffhanger before you start the book.. So gripping it reads like a novel. This book is great for anyone who is even remotely aware of Uber: Uber has transformed the transportation sector in just a few short years, all while becoming one of the most valuable and controversial private companies in the world.

The book itself is incredibly well written, and so engrossing it reads like a novel. The author was given exclusive access to Kalanick, but maintains very balanced reporting throughout.



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